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Recruitment of General Staff from EU Countries

As a result of our activities in recruiting European professional staff such as nurses, Acqua Dolce has access to many other categories of workers eager to work in the UK.

These include:

  • Cleaners
  • Cooks / waiting staff / bar staff / front of house restaurant staff
  • Housemaids / house-keepers / laundry staff
  • Factory / assembly-line workers
  • Pickers / packers / warehouse workers
  • Food processing workers
  • Agricultural workers, etc

Whatever your views on Brexit or immigration the fact remains that many UK employers find difficulty in recruiting from local labour markets.

A potential solution is at hand through Acqua Dolce.

Living less than 2 hours flying time away from UK airports are skilled, enthusiastic and reliable workers who are available to work in the UK on a permanent or contract basis.

All they need is a bit of a helping hand with the basic practicalities to make it possible for them to live and work in the UK. Primarily, this means assistance with finding accommodation.

A good example of how it could work is a company we are working with who have cleaning contracts with large UK store groups and restaurant chains. They bring in teams of workers from Europe and arrange accommodation for them in a variety of cost-effective ways.

We can do the same for you! Please feel free to contact us at any time...

For further details please contact:

Chris Meade
Executive Director

T +44 01420 554752

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